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Four Avenues of Service - Club Service
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CLUB SERVICE: Director - Geoff Grawbridge / Barbara Csanka

  • Attendance: Chair - Milt Grele

Chuck Beebe, V.Chair

Jeff Chipokas

Donald Zehnder

Stephen Pryor


Goal = Maintain 90% Attendance by encouraging Make Ups even at e-club

  • Public Relations: C0-Chairs - Barbara Csanka & Duncan Stephens

T. Purcaro, D. Hughes, J. Tatigian, M. Wagner


Publicizing our achievements and letting the public know what the Rotary is all about.

  • Special Programs: Chair - Milt Grele

J. Chipokas, C. Mauritz, M. Smith, D. Stephens, J. Stuart, D. Wheelahan

  • Membership Development: Co-Chairs -  Chuck Beebe & R Zandvliet

           J. Gray, D. Hughes, S. Pryor, J. Roman

  • Program:  Chair - E. Gerber

           R. Dowling, J. Roman, M. Steir


          Makes assignments of speaker hosts for our Wednesday meetings

  • Bulletin: Chairs - Mary Smith & Kim Kelly

Designate Rotarians to take notes at all meetings and get the information to the Newsletter Editor.

  • Newsletter Editor: Jeff Chipokas

J. Hughes (webmaster)


Following each meeting a newsletter is created and distributed by e-mail, fax, regular mail, and posted on the web site.

  • Fellowship: Chairs - D. Zehnder

E. Ferreira, J. Ford, S. Pryor, R. Zandvliet


Develop programs to improve fellowship among Rotarians


Finance: Chair - J. Roman

              J. Aresta, A. Butler, R. Swarts, R. Sutherland, D. Wheelahan 





  • Music: Chair - Milt Grele

          J. Lobdell, D. Stephens, D. Zehnder

At each meeting we sing

  • R.I. Information: Co-Chairs - Geoff Drawbridge, J. Walsh 

Spreading information on what Rotary International is doing lets members know that there is more to Rotary beyond the local level


  • Centennial Celebration: Chair - J. Walsh

         B. Barrett, D. Corso, J. Hughes, K. Kelly, K. Rupwani, M. Steir, D. Warner


  • Family of Rotary: Co-Chairs - J. Lobdel & D. Wheelahan

         D. Corso, M. Elser, J. Gray