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Naugatuck Rotary Newsletter - Archive Apr 1, 2009
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President Elect



Asst. Sec.

& Treas.


John Ford

Marcelo Martins

Rebecca Zandvliet

Rupi Rupwani

Jennifer Merrill


Board of Directors

  Debbie Corso

 John McCormack 

 Jennifer Merrill

 Bruce Steinway

 Duncan Stephens



Rotary International Theme 2008-2009 Make Dreams Real

District 7980, Club 6738


April 1, 2009


Meeting Today

Pledge: Marcelo Martins

God Bless America: Don Zehnder

Invocation: John Ford

Four Way Test: Mike Elser

50/50 Winner: Joe DaSilva

Song: The Battle Hymn of the Republic - chosen by Don Zehnder

Food Bank: $80.00 was collected


SaA: Duncan fined Mike Elser, Manny Vieira, John McCormack, and Joe DaSilva.

Duncan played an April Fool joke on his puppy Lulu. He told her they were taking her for a nice ride in the country, but took her to the vet to get fixed instead. How mean!!!


Jeanine had a happy dollar for the YMCA's phone-a-thon. They raised just under $5500 in one hour!!

Great Job!


General fine: Anyone that did not participate in the phone-a-thon paid a dollar.


Announcements & Information

Jane Walsh reminded everyone of the GSE brunch April 19th welcoming the teams from Germany and Guatamala.

Thursday, May 7th at Seven Angels Theatre in Waterbury, the GSE teams will see a show , "Rock Legends". Please see Jane as soon as possible if you are thinking of attending. There will also be a Friendship Party at Rick Benson's home on Friday, May 8th.


Marcelo asked for volunteers for Sargent at Arms for the District Assembly Thursday, April 23rd. Please see Marcelo to sign up.


Jeanine announced the soon there will be Duck Race Tickets available for sale. Remember, for every ticket we sell, we receive one half of the sale price. Buy a lot of tickets.


Anne Butler is looking for sponsors for her participation in the MS Walk. Anne will bring her sponsor sheet next week for us to participate.



David DeBisschop - Speaker

Tim Walsh


Debra daSilva & Joe Iannuci


Upcoming Speakers
4/8        Debbie Wheelahan
4/15      Laurie Yelding
4/22      Don Zehnder
4/29      Club Assembly
5/6        John Aresta - GSE Team to make a presentation
5/13      Brian Barrett
5/20      Anne Butler
5/27      Jeff Chipokas
6/3        Mary Connolly
6/10      Peggy Dufresne
6/17      Barbara Csanka/Richards
6/24      Annual Meeting
7/1        Joe DaSilva
7/8        Ray Dowling
7/15      Geoff Drawbridge
7/22      Deb Corso
7/29      Club Assembly

Birthdays and Anniversaries

none this week 

Membership Anniversaries

John McCormack - 4/12/06

Rebecca Zandvliet - 4/7/99

Manny Vieira - 4/1/72

Rupi Rupwani - 4/30/00  

Our Speaker Today

Speaker host, Peggy Dufresne introduced David DeBisschop.



David has gone to The Dominican Republic and installed BioSand filters in the communitites that house sugar cane workers. In La Romana there is no indoor plumbing or running water in the homes or shelters. Since January 2008, the program of BioSand filters has installed over 800 filters in these homes. The program is run out of the Good Samaritan Hospital in La Romana. The filters are constructed on the hospital site and transported to the remote regions of the workers. Each filter is then "sold" to the families or individual at a cost of 100 pesos or $2.95. This transaction gives the family ownership of the filter in the hope of continued upkeep and maintenance. The families are taught to maintain and clean the filter when necessary. The incidence of gastrointestinal disease has drastically been reduced in the regions where the filters have been installed.

The construction of the filters begins with a mold. 170 pounds of concrete is poured into the mold. The housing is removed from the mold and then 2 types of gravel is poured in layers into the bottom of it. 2 or 3 tablespoons of clorox is added, then 75 pounds of washed and sifted sand is added. Dirty water is poured in and then clean, filtered water is forced out of the spigot. The filters remove and kill 90% of ecoli bacteria and 99% of organisms.The last item to be placed onto the outside of the filter is the Rotary International ensignia.


Absent Members Today

Brian Barrett, Mary Connolly, Barbara Csanka, Jonathan Farmer, Ginger Fennell, Tracey Kelly, Cathie Mauritz, David Mulhall, Tony Purcaro, John Roman, Rupi Rupwani, Michael Steir, Debbie Wheelahan, Rebecca Zandvliet 

Upcoming Club Events

Annual Meeting at the Waterbury Club - June 24th  

Happening Around the District and RI

April 19, 2009          GSE Inbound Teams Welcome Brunch

April 23,2009           District Assembly, Sheraton Four Points, Meriden


May 1-3 2009          District Conference, Newport, Rhode Island

May 15, 2009          GSE Farewell Brunch/Memo of Club visit due to DG


June 21 - 24 2009    International Convention, Birmingham, England 





Silvermine Tavern  -  Norwalk  -  Monday 12:15 pm


The Inn at Newtown  -  Newtown  -  Monday 6:15pm


John  J Sullivan's Restaurant  -  Ansonia  -  Tuesday 12:15 pm


The Waterbury Club  -   Waterbury  -  Every other Tuesday  12:15 pm


Sandwich Man - Seymour - 1st and 3rd Thursday 7:15 am


Brownson Country Club  -  Derby -  Thursday 12:15 pm


Crowne Plaza  -  Southbury  -  Thursday 8:00 am


www.rotaryeclubone.org   online makeup


Rotary District 7980


Rotary International


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Naugatuck Rotary

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